Members: Alex - Vocals
Dan - Vocals / Guitar
Sean - Guitar
Bill - Bass / Vocals
Rick - Drums
Age: All over the legal age (well not to drink)
Location: Central, NJ
Rides: Skateboards and Kites
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April 2006 - Untitled EP
2005 - "Hands Against the Sky" (Single)

Racing Kites is a five piece rock band from all over Central New Jersey. Comprised of members from three other bands, Racing Kites was formed to combine the learning experiences of their previous musical outfits. The first single "Hands Against the Sky" can be downloaded for free on MySpace.

Racing Kites Links:
Homepage - Coming Soon!
Racing Kites on MySpace
Thriving Records

Members: Angel Santiago - Vocals
Peter Munters - vocals / guitar
Nick Bailey - guitar / vocals
Seth Watts - bass / vocals
James Ulrich - drums
Age: all legal
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Rides: Surfboards, and Skatedecks
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1999 - "Over It" self titled EP
2001 - "Hindsight 20/20"
2002 - "Time is Everything" debut full-length
2004 - "Silverstand"
2005 - Video for "Sirens on the 101" - (watch it here)
Present - Warped Tour

For this band, what matters is the sincerity of every last one of their hundreds of performances, a personal connection with their fans, and the quest for the inspiring song. Over it lives for furious sounds and a hopeful future.

Over It Links:
Over It Website
Over It on MySpace
Over It at PureVolume
Lobster Records
Watch the "Sirent on the 101" video

Members: Angel Santiago - Vocals
Brad Harrison - Guitar
Mark Hooven - Bass
Derrick Miller - Guitar
Ron Segers - Drums
Chris Applegate - Keyboards
Age: A little above legal
Location: New Jersey
Rides: Surfboards, and a 97' Dodge Van
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2004 - Charity Burns Green
2005 - Video for "The Dawning" - (watch it here)
Present - New Album in the works

The first Days Like These show was three years ago in front of some completely satisfied locals, there was no looking back after that. DLT recorded some demo songs and signed to Lobster Records soon after. On a personal level, by band vote, Days Like These pulls for skate & surf, greyhounds, karate, reptiles and basketball. On a musical level, by consent, their sound evolved from the same strength that drives their favorite bands.

Days Like These Links:
DLT on MySpace
DTL at PureVolume
Lobster Records
Watch "The Dawning" Video

Members: Sam
Age: 27
Location: Worldwide
Rides: No decks, just Freestyle
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1998 - Single "First Class" on SCHLICK Records
2000 - Solo Singles "Creativity" & "BMF"
2001 - Solo Singles "Lyrixcism" & "Hittin Hardest PT.2"
2002 - T.S.A. tour 20 concerts in 8 countries
2005 - Jazz Addixx: "Oxygen" features two Becket tracks
Present - Way of Life CD: written+ prod. + cut by Dr. Bec

Dr. Becket has been infiltrating the underground hip hop circuit since 98'. Check out his new release filled with jazz infused beats with solid rhymes to carry you though.

Dr. Becket Links:
Dr. Beckets Home Page
Doctor Becket on MySpace